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he will turn into a werewolf himself. This French version of the notorious spy's life centers less on her romantic escapades, and more on those that reveal the person she actually was during WW I when her German superiors ordered her to seduce the French captain Trintignant so she can steal classified. It would appear so as she seems to be doing some sewing. He and his girlfriend study the document and discover a formula to produce a drug that promises immortality. Whether this is a tribute to the great director or a commentary on 19th century anti-Semitism isn't made clear, but the film does feature an amusing cinema in joke in the early going, when co-star Katia Christine (the Nicole Kidman lookout playing Kinski's wife) visits.

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Navarre in the late seventeenth century, the feudal lord Fermin, with the help of an inquisitor, has sparked a crusade against the sadistic local witchcraft. Still, Marina Vlady is delightful as the compulsive liar who gets hoist by her own mendacious petard and the film makes a valid statement about the nature of human relationships. ADD TO shopping cart virgins OF THE full moon (1973)-In Italian with eng subs, letterboxed print. A former priest becomes embroiled in the drama raging between a Mexican rancher, his unhappy daughter and psychotic son whilst dealing with his own issues of guilt and a loss of faith.

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